New Release: Chapter 17

Sorry for the extremely late release and the lack of news for this month.

Nope, don’t listen to any comments… I don’t have any plans to stop writing this story.

But since this last part was delayed for so long, I offer you guys an explanation.

As all of you might know, I’ve been going job hunting. Sad news is, I haven’t found a job yet. Even sadder news is that my finances has dipped a bit too low.
Due to that, I had to slow down on the job hunt and accepted a new freelance project.

This is the reason why the release has been delayed. Although I had the final part written for over a month, I wasn’t able to finish editing it.
From the chapter title, you can see that Wu XingFu is going to play a very big part in the story, especially in the later plots. The chapter part that was supposed to be released earlier focuses on him and its quite important to the understanding the character. As such, I wanted to fix up the chapter before it was released.

However, the main problem was focus.
The freelance project I accepted was due in a few weeks so I had to focus a lot of my time on it. Due to that, every time I set aside time to work on the novel, I simply couldn’t concentrate on the editing.
My thoughts just kept wandering back to my code and I would go back to working on it.
Long story short, for the past few weeks, my mind was more focused on bug-fixing rather than editing.

Its not something I wanted to happen, but I couldn’t stop it.

Because of that, I’ve decided to take a break for 2-3 weeks.
Afterwards, releases should be back to a weekly schedule.

So, set your calendars, if the project doesn’t get delayed… then the next release will be on June 5th.

Hmm, sidenote… it turns out that this last part is an extremely long part. Over 9k words, which means… it could have been split into three parts.
So, if it’ll make you guys feel better… try to think of it as 3 weeks of releases condensed into one to be released at a later date…

Sorry again and see you guys in a few weeks.
I’ll still be around in the chat, comments, and you can always email me.

Due to the late release, I sincerely suggest that readers read from the full chapter instead of the last part.

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New Release: Chapter 17 Part 2

Sorry for the delays!
For a short explanation…

Recently, I’ve had to start job hunting.
So, I’ve been out of the house pretty much every day.
Well, not every day was interviews or etc, but due to job hunting and working on my own projects during spare time… I’m only able to work on Fantasy Edge during late night.

So guys, just a heads-up.
The releases will be a bit unstable until I find a job.

In brighter news, I’ve been writing more of the story on my phone while traveling. Sadly, this might not mean much because although I can write on my phone… there’s no way I can edit on there. Editing must be done on PC, which means that has to wait till late nights.

Anyway, enjoy the new part and wish me luck!

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April Fools Tomorrow

So… April Fools Day.
I’m quite bad at this… and since no one would believe it if I make stuff up like I’ve quit or a dragon ate up my story…

Well, I’m just going to say, the next release will come out on April 1st.
Now let’s see if it really is 😛
And if it is, let’s see if its a real or prank release 😛

New Release: Chapter 17 Part 1

Meant to release this last night, but I ended up falling asleep during the editing process.

Then, most of the day was spent on me going crazy over calling customer service.
Seriously, how can they tell me one thing and give me one set of instructions, only to have another representative tell me that that’s not how its done in the first place?

Spent hours dealing with customer service… left me feeling quite annoyed.
Anyway, its early morning right now… time to sleep.

Hmm… I really need to fix up my sleeping schedule.

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