Hidden Classes

Hidden Classes
Secret classes that can only be obtained by fulfilling hidden requirements.
Class change information is unknown, unless released by the players who discover the hidden class.


Combat Classes

Advances to Treasure Hunter

Advances to WarSage

Beast Tamer
Advances to Beastmaster

Beast Watcher
Advances to Bestial Assimilator

Blade Dancer
Advances to Hypnotic Blade Dancer

Advances to Wordmaster

Magic Swordsman
Advances to Sword Sage

Martial Artist
Advances to Weapon Master

Advances to Lich

Advances to Ninja Master

Advances to Puppet Master

Advances to Warlord

Advances to Spirit Meister

Sword Specialist
Advances to Sword Master

Advances to Spirit Master

To Be Revealed


Non-Combat Classes

Advances to Exalted Alchemist

Advances to Life Gambler

Advances to Excavator

Advances to Seer

Trap Specialist
Advances to Trap Master

To Be Revealed


Names are subject to change

10 thoughts on “Hidden Classes

  1. It’s really nice to know that someone of your talent has decided to write a novel, This genre is rather lacking and putting in all of this detail is super great. I just want to give support because of how awesome the start is, keep writing!!


  2. A few thoughts/suggestions on classes and one question:

    Beast Watcher (what is this class, that is i get the concept behind every other class in your other secions as im accustom to them but this im curious as to its basis/idea behind its basis)
    Advances to Bestial Assimilator

    Blade Dancer
    Advances to Berserker

    Ninja (Ninja: Chunin/Jonin type system?)
    Advances to Ninja Master

    Advances to Shogun

    Blade Master (instead of sword specialist)
    Advances to Sword Master

    Spirit Evoker/Conjerur
    Advances to Summoner


  3. I just recently know about your novel, and I love it XD
    And I have a suggesion about class. Have you though of a Murder class before XD like Murderer, Berserker or Slayer? I think it would be interesting 🙂
    Anyway, although it’s not kind of related, i’m thinking of a game system myself and I’m really like your game system as well XD


  4. Oh, I see you got a new class update. I think it will be better to change it with Diviner -> Oracle. it’s just my opinion though :), cause i feel like Seer is a bit weird…


  5. i think u should redo the samuri warlord thing it doesnt relly match in my opinion.warlord fits more to be a title and samurai i take it for a class that can do solo hunting and when became more advanced can even go 1v1 on boss monsters but warlord isnt fiting


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