Negative Effects

Negative Status Effects

Attack Speed Down
Player will have a decreased attack speed.

Player will periodically lose health.

Player’s vision will fully turn to the solid black color.

Players who caught are cold will suffer from reduced health and stats.
They will exhibit most symptoms related to a cold such as a sore throat, runny nose, and sneezes.
If player remains in a cold state for too long, they will develop a feverish condition and gain the Fever status.

Player is unable to see the identities of players and is only able to randomly target an opponent to attack.
Confused players will only be able to hear gibberish and are unable to comprehend words.

Damage Down
Player will have a reduced attack damage.

Player is unable to hear any sounds.  

Defense Down
Player will have a reduced defense power.

Player’s vision will randomly rotate and spin at a random speed until status effect ends.

Equipment Penalty
Player will receive a variety of negative status effects related to using an incompatible piece of equipment.

Player is frozen by fear and is unable to attack or defend.
Fearful players are still able to attempt escape at a reduced movement speed.

Players burning with a fever will have their health and stats heavily reduced.
These players would have a lot of trouble moving around and every moment has a chance to reduce their health.

Player is frozen into a piece of solid ice and is unable to attack or move.
The layer of ice helps provide a defense boost.

Health Block
Player is unable to heal his health.

Player will have reduced stats and occasional loss of health.
If hunger levels reduce further, Hungry status will become the Starving status.

Mana Drain
Player will periodically lose mana.

Movement Speed Down
Player will have a decreased movement speed.

Player is unable to force any sound to exit through their mouth.  

Player will periodically lose health.

Resistance Down
Player will have reduced resistance to specific elements.

Player is unable to use skills.  

Player will have both Movement Speed Down and Attack Speed Down effects.

Player will have heavily reduced stats and health will decrease at a quick rate.
Growling sounds will be produced from your stomach.
Staying too long in this state will lead to death.

Stats Down
Player will have reduced stats.

The muscles in the player’s body are unable to move, thus preventing all forms of physical attack and defense.

Player will have trouble breathing and a countdown will appear.
If the countdown finishes, the player will die.

Player will have a Stats Down effect involving all stats.

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