New Release: Chapter 17 Part 2

Sorry for the delays!
For a short explanation…

Recently, I’ve had to start job hunting.
So, I’ve been out of the house pretty much every day.
Well, not every day was interviews or etc, but due to job hunting and working on my own projects during spare time… I’m only able to work on Fantasy Edge during late night.

So guys, just a heads-up.
The releases will be a bit unstable until I find a job.

In brighter news, I’ve been writing more of the story on my phone while traveling. Sadly, this might not mean much because although I can write on my phone… there’s no way I can edit on there. Editing must be done on PC, which means that has to wait till late nights.

Anyway, enjoy the new part and wish me luck!

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April Fools Tomorrow

So… April Fools Day.
I’m quite bad at this… and since no one would believe it if I make stuff up like I’ve quit or a dragon ate up my story…

Well, I’m just going to say, the next release will come out on April 1st.
Now let’s see if it really is đŸ˜›
And if it is, let’s see if its a real or prank release đŸ˜›

New Release: Chapter 17 Part 1

Meant to release this last night, but I ended up falling asleep during the editing process.

Then, most of the day was spent on me going crazy over calling customer service.
Seriously, how can they tell me one thing and give me one set of instructions, only to have another representative tell me that that’s not how its done in the first place?

Spent hours dealing with customer service… left me feeling quite annoyed.
Anyway, its early morning right now… time to sleep.

Hmm… I really need to fix up my sleeping schedule.

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Quick Helpful Info

Nope, don’t be shocked. Its not a new release.

What happened is… with the novel now at Chapter 16, its unavoidable that Fantasy Edge has somehow racked up quite a bit of characters.
I can guarantee that the number of characters, both Players and NPCs, will increase as time goes on.

So, I’ve been notified that its starting to get hard to remember who is who.
Which… makes sense since this is a weekly release novel and the NPCs all have Chinese names.
Some people might find it confusing when the setting switches between the real world and the game world, since players might have different names in both worlds.

Due to this, I’ve made a change to the Characters Game Info page.
I’ll also be maintaining it with each release.

Characters Page

Shortcut to Players Page

Shortcut to NPCs Page

Now, both Players and NPCs has their own respective pages with a short description to help remind you who they are.
If you still don’t remember, the [01] numbers are links to the chapters that the characters appear in.
I should point out that the numbers only show up for characters that either show up in person or through mediums such as Chat windows.

Anyway, hope you guys like it!

New Release: Chapter 16

Sorry guys, I’m back!
Had quite a few things that happened since my last release.

From things such as completely rewriting certain parts, to celebrating my birthday, to being asked to help a few friends with work, to going out of state for a while… well, all of it led to me not having much time to finish the edit.

Originally, I planned to release this as a full chapter earlier during my birthday as a present to all of you, but… too much stuff happened.

Anyway, full chapter!
Sorry for the delay and thanks for patiently waiting.

đŸ˜› Honestly, the delay almost felt like a test to see who were true fans of the novel!

Hope you guys enjoy the chapter!

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New Release: Chapter 15

Chapter 15, fully released!!!

Sorry for the delay guys.
What happened was that last week, I had to delay the release due to Chinese New Year. However, on the first day of Chinese New Year, I caught a pretty bad cold.

Some might not know, but Chinese New Year is a total of 15 days and a great amount of those days requires us to be out visiting families/friends/temples.
I’ve been busy visiting and recovering during the previous week.

Honestly, after getting home, I didn’t want to look at anything with lots of words. So I spent all my free time last week watching tv dramas.

Anyway, so this is the conclusion of the chapter.
Those who read in parts… don’t be disappointed since its merely a wrap-up part.
Those who read in full… hope you enjoy!

Fun things to come in Chapter 16 đŸ˜›
Easy to guess what its going to be about.

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Quick Notice: Release Delayed

Last part for Chapter 15 was supposed to be released on Sunday night, but release will have to be pushed till after Monday.

I’ll be busy cleaning up the house and preparing for Chinese New Year this weekend.  I’ll also be busy celebrating on Monday too.

See you guys after the new year!

For those who celebrate… Happy New Year!