New Status Feature

Hey guys,

If you’ll take a glance to the sidebar on the right (mobile users look below), you’ll see a new box called Status.

As you all should have realized, the countdown box isn’t dependable because its mainly used to motivate/guilt me into writing, otherwise you’ll probably see months pass before a new chapter.
But I’ve seen how unhappy you guys are with the unreliable countdown, so I’ve decided to put out the new Status box.

On that box, you guys primarily need to pay attention to 3 things: Writing, Editing, and Last Update.
Each number after writing and editing means how much words are currently written or checked.

Writing: 9000
This means that I currently have between 9000 to 9999 words written.

The Legend part tells you that ! means that a certain part is finished.
Writing: 9000 !
This means that I have 9000 to 9999 words written and I have finished with the writing stage, but haven’t started the editing stage yet because there’s no number after editing.

Writing: 9000 !
Editing: 3000
This means that 3000 to 3999 words have been checked from the beginning to the current point.

Writing: 9000 !
Editing: 10000
This CAN happen. It means that as of now, I’ve added in at least 1000 words while editing.
Usually, if editing approaches the amount for writing, it means that I’m almost done. But there are exceptions if I’ve added or removed words during editing.

Writing: 9000 !
Editing: 10000 !
This means that both writing and editing is finished!
I’m currently in the uploading chapter stage.

And Latest Update just means the last time I’ve touched the chapter.

Ok guys, there you have it.
The new Status feature.
It’ll tell you my current progress and give you guys an estimate of how long the chapter is.

3 thoughts on “New Status Feature

  1. Wow i like this system! It’s easy to figure out (after you have read this post of course) Only suggestion i can give is maybe instead of ! to mean finished, maybe you could use something else, cause it slightly looks like a 1. Maybe you could do or **9000** or {{9000}}.
    Well, hope this suggestion helps, and thanks for the future chapters! 😀


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