Announcement: Not Ready Yet

Finished with Chapter 19, but not much work done on Chapter 20.

Since about two weeks ago, I’ve had quite a bit of change in my work environment and I’ve been too busy to write.

As of right now, there’s no ETA for when Chapter 20 can be finished.
I’ll have to wait for things to get stable before I can work on it more.

Sorry guys, I know this isn’t the announcement you wanted to hear, but I’m having a pretty rough time right now.
I’ll try to write whenever I can, but most of these nights… I’m tired out đŸ˜¦



Nope, not another release.

This announcement is an official announcement to declare two things.

First, due to the amount of lost time from playing Pokemon GO, I need to reserve around two weeks or so to focus on my app development work.
So, I’ll have to put writing aside for two weeks.

Second, from looking at my timeline of the remaining two chapters, I’ve come to the conclusion that these chapters really shouldn’t be read in parts and with a weekly gap per part.
Since both chapters really needs to be read together, I’ve decided to make the next release a double chapter release.
So basically, the next release will be both Chapter 19 and Chapter 20, which happens to be the conclusion of Volume 2.

That… was the good news. Now the bad news is that due to releasing two chapters at once and both chapters being large chapters that would normally have around 5 parts each… I’m going to need approximately two and a half months to work on them.

Thus, this announcement is to notify everyone that the next release will be scheduled for 10/25/2016.
This is primarily due to me needing 2 weeks for catching up on work + 10 weeks to finish the 2 chapters. 12 weeks in total should be around that date.

In the meantime, I’ll still be around in the chat.
After two weeks, I’ll be using the chat to talk about the progress of the remaining two chapters too.

So for those who wants to see progress… make sure to check either the Status box in the sidebar or pay attention to the chat.

P.S. Good news is, I’ve pre-ordered the Note 7 đŸ˜€
P.S.S. I’ve picked up Mobius Final Fantasy to play on my spare time. Don’t worry, unlike Pokemon GO, this doesn’t involve me leaving the house so all is good. Anyways, for those who play and wants to add me… my ID is 209c 27bb ad5a.

New Release: Chapter 19 Part 1

Sorry for the huge huge delay.

Truthfully, I was busy playing Pokemon GO.
Started when the game first came out and it has caused me to leave the house for most of the day everyday.
Due to how big of a battery drainer it is and how the game can’t be placed in the background, this caused me to be unable to work on the story while I was out of the house.

However, after three weeks, since I’ve been too focused on Pokemon GO… inevitably it caused me to not touch this story or my work, so I’ve been catching up on the latter.

Anyway, for the next two weeks, I’ll be focused on getting back on track with my app development work before I resume the novel.

P.S. Note 7 came out today đŸ˜€
Definitely my next phone! Blue version too beautiful too!

P.S.S. Mobius Final Fantasy releases tomorrow! Or today depending on the time I press Publish. Can’t wait for that either đŸ˜€

P.S.S.S. I’ll be making an official announcement post tomorrow about the break.

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