Base Stats
All characters starts with these stats.

Increases attack damage, critical hit damage, and knock-back rate.

Increases attack speed and movement speed.
Slightly increases attack damage and critical hit damage.

Increases the body’s nimbleness, flexibility, and gracefulness.
Increases the speed of crafting skills.

Increases mana, magic damage, and mana recovery speed.

Increases magic casting speed and skill mastery speed.

Increases health and health recovery speed.
Slightly increases physical and magical defense.

Increases physical and magical defense.

Increases item drop rates and skill % success chance.


Special Stats
Received through quests, skills, class advancements,
and other special conditions.

Able to deceive others and see through lies.

The strength to persevere under the most dire conditions.
Recover faster from negative status effects.
Weakens negative status effects that are without time limits.

To Be Revealed

3 thoughts on “Stats

  1. You missed crit. Chance. and some stat are redundant like constitution and endurance so you should concider changind the description or eliminating one of them. Overall interesting proyect best of luck.


    • Thanks for pointing it out, I’ve updated the descriptions to explain the differences.

      Crit chance wasn’t left out accidentally. In this game, critical hits doesn’t happen by a set %. Instead, you have to attack a monster at a critical area to deal critical damage.

      I believe that’s how critical hits were originally meant to be. But previous games didn’t necessarily allow players to choose specific spots to attack, so as an alternative they modified it to happen at a % rate.

      This novel gives the players free control, so they are free to target the more deadlier areas when attacking. Though, whether or not they hit that target depends on their skills.


      • Good response, not everything in terms of game mechanics is exposed anyway to the end user unless they can truly “see through the matrix” (i.e. perceive all the algorithms at work)


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