Unique Hidden Classes

Unique Hidden Classes
The rarest of hidden classes and can only be obtained by one player.
Unique Hidden Classes do not have a second class advance, because their power is comparable to an advanced class.
Instead of a second advance, they possess a skill known as an ‘Ultimate Attack’.


Combat Classes

Gravity Magus

Sealed Ninja

The Creator


Names are subject to change

11 thoughts on “Unique Hidden Classes

  1. because they’re power is comparable to an advanced class.
    “their”, not “they’re”.
    their = same as “his”, but for many.
    they’re= “they are”

    i usually wont write this but since u’re going to write a fanfic, i think i’ll point out a few grammar error as i read the story so u could improve as a fellow fanfic writer


    • Hey thanks for the catch!
      I had to do these pages in a hurry, so I haven’t had time to proofread the Game Info pages yet.

      Technically I’m writing a novel and not a fanfic.
      Fanfics are pretty much fictional stories using either the characters or the world from an existing piece of work.
      I’ve designed my own game world without basing it off of any other novel.

      Sorry if that came out a bit strange, but I did put in a lot of planning on the novel.
      It feels a bit uncomfortable to have it be called a fanfic.


      • no offense taken. sorry about calling it a fanfic, mine was an original too but the place it put it is jumbled together with fanfic so we kind of get used to call all of them like that.

        anyway yeah i know the pain. took me at least 6 month to decide the plot and the ability of each character, and almost half of them had to be removed since it doesnt fit in the story. not to mention the mood swing once u’re busy with work, barely able to squeeze anything. well, good luck with this, as im going to resume mine after the hiatus since my project is done


      • well, im honored if a fellow writer feels like reading mine. well its the same genre as yours so why not.


        just search for ‘Arcane Rift’ under ‘Original Story’ section. be warned though as im thinking of making a few major changes next week. i havent updated it for 2 months as i have been busy with my final year project, but all those time on hiatus gave me a few ideas to apply to the story, and as im finished with my project and the vacation starts next week, i can go all out after this for a few months


      • Ahh, then don’t mind if I wait a week or two before I start.
        Although I don’t mind rereading… lack of time.

        But I’ll save the link to check up on the novel later after your changes are made.


  2. well I don’t know if you take idea for unique hidden class but I though of one =)
    a class “slayer” that can be obtained by defeating a monster 50 level highter your other unique class made me think of advencement of the basic class so I though of an advencement of warrior XD


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