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Era Lee, a young man with a bullied past, lived as a shut-in at home wasting his days without considerations for college or work. However, his quiet days were over when his parents, frustrated over their useless son, decided to kick him out of the house to force him to come to terms with reality. But how can a young man, who lived a life depending on his parents, suddenly develop the survival skills necessary to be independent?

During his moments of helplessness, he once again met the bullies who terrorized him during his younger years. After he received a humiliating beating, Era desperately raged at his uselessness. He didnโ€™t want to be the useless man he was today. He didnโ€™t want to be weak and helpless.

In his despair, he noticed and became captivated by the promises of countless possibilities within the revolutionary virtual reality game, Fantasy Edge. He believed that if it was inside a game, even he could be a hero. No, he believed that he would definitely become a hero.

Join Era as he embarks on his journey through the game world, encountering countless trials, to realize how tightly connected the game world is with reality. Watch as he sheds away his worthless life and becomes a legend in both the virtual world and the real world.

What is Fantasy Edge?
Fantasy Edge is an original novel that I’m writing.

What genres do Fantasy Edge fall under?
Fantasy, Gaming, Romance, Adventure, and most likely more.

Is Fantasy Edge similar to Legendary Moonlight Sculptor and Ark?
As Kami had said in the Prologue, Fantasy Edge is inspired by novels like LMS and Ark.
However, the only similarity is that the story will follow the characters in both the game world and the real world.
Every other aspect of the novel is completely original and will only borrow from common elements, such as the nature of asian mmorpg games.

Will the similarities only end there? I don’t want to read a LMS Clone.
I can guarantee it, because this story is about a weak bullied player who learns to become strong through the game. He is not a person who is greedy for money, so a lot of elements from those popular novels will not work in this one.

What’s the update schedule?
Weekly. Unless unexpected situations come up…
Otherwise it’ll be weekly. I’ll be spending 3 hours per day to plan, write, and edit. My chapters aren’t going to be short either.
I’ll see if I can increase the amount of chapters after releasing for a few weeks.

Any more questions?
Feel free to ask!

47 thoughts on “Synopsis / FAQ

    • im guessing the race Human is only limited to that for players?

      i mean can we expect to see some fantasy humanoid races like Elves show upp as NPC’s or Monsters?

      Forcing the player to only be able to be Human is an interesting choice i kinda have a feel where this world is kind of like the Sword Art Online world atm except for the insane creator and that you can be different classes. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Awesome novel, I like how the game teaches him how to grow out of his comfort zone and experience new things, really liked the part with the oracles too, ” Hit an run “


  1. Hello, i found this novel to be good, atleast the prologue and chap 1-2 and i want to ask,
    have you thought about how long you will write this novel?


    • Hey, glad you enjoyed it.

      Currently I have 50 chapters planned out in a timeline, but I’ll slowly add more.
      There’s currently no end planned, so I don’t believe I’ll be stopping.


      • yeah make it long, virtual reality games are vast and its hard to make decent story if the story end at 20+ volume (if using average 10 chapters per volume), for example, LMS (46 volume and still ongoing) and Zhang Long (2400+ chapter). don’t forget about the flow of story and its character development.


      • Don’t worry, the reason why I’m planning out lots of chapters in advance is to make sure I can work on the flow, development, and avoid inconsistencies.


  2. Beside the storyline, behind the scene, are you working on the overall coherent online game structure ? To develop it… (implying it could become a game you could play by other means). Or do you just implement new features, when you find them useful for your storyline ?


    • I’m not too sure what you’re asking, but I think you’re asking if I have the game world already planned out or am I just making it up as I go along?

      I’ve been planning this story for months and I’ve been working on various elements related to the game. Classes, skills, titles, quests, stats, characters, monsters, bosses, and even some major equipment has already been planned out. I also have formulas made for calculating values like health and mana. The game system has also been properly planned out to avoid inconsistencies later on.

      So to answer your question, I don’t just implement new features when I find them useful to my storyline because the features has to exist as one of the rules in the game world I have planned. I don’t like inconsistencies =]

      But I will admit, that there’s some things like the minor or temporary equipments, some monster data, and also the skills related to lots of the classes hasn’t been fully planned out. But there’s time to make adjustments to those because they appear gradually within the timeline I have planned.


  3. Question: can you tell us more about you ? where are you from ? how old are you ? since when do you dream/think of this project ?


  4. Umm one question. Are u going be like a original author named “last exorcists” who created the story named “The Sphere” then didn’t update for around more than 3 months?


    • I’m mainly writing because I want to maintain and improve my rusty English writing skills, so I don’t plan to ever stop writing the novel.

      But if there ever comes a time when I do plan to stop writing, I’ll make sure to end the novel properly.
      Definitely won’t leave you guys hanging off a cliff forever.


  5. I just read the prologue, and I like it. It’s very fluid and you, taked care to explain some concepts to those who are not aware. I’m not that good in english, cause I’m brazilian, but wasn’t dificult to read.

    I have to ask, are you Enlightened End?


    • Great to hear! =]

      For your question, I’m not Enlightened End.
      Enlightened End is helping me make my novel more noticeable to readers by including a link to it on his translation blog.


  6. Hello,

    Before anything else, I have only read the synopsis. Not the actual chapters.

    Frankly speaking, the synopsis is bland.

    The synopsis is ridiculous that it makes me want to avoid reading the novel.

    From trying to become independent to suddenly wanting to become a hero after seeing a game.

    [not to mention him trying to accomplish something in a game is in a sense running away from the reality of his situation.]

    And how can he afford such thing when he’s a NEET and is basically homeless?

    My point is… synopsis are made in order to give the readers the basic outlook oft the story and to catch their attention as well.

    Your synopsis isn’t really interesting. I strongly urge you to redo the synopsis.

    Best Regards.


    • Ditto for me, usually people would look to the synopsis to get an idea of what the story would be like, and would be out off / interested, depending on it.


  7. I assume this will be answered once I start reading, but it just seems odd that a man who was thrown out of his home, with no way to support himself, was somehow able to afford a state-of-the art gaming system, a home to place it in, electricity and internet to run it and the game subscription to play it. If he could do all of that, then he’s pretty much already cured of the most important aspects of his hikimori ways. Unless someone else steps in to support him, but that seems like it would undermine the source of his determination to improve. If you can even call playing VRMMOs an improvement in his lifestyle.

    What was his lifestyle anyway? Usually shut-ins of this magnitude are already video game heroes.


    • Yep, this is answered in chapter 1, so I’ll let you read it there rather than explain it here.
      Don’t won’t to spoil for others ๐Ÿ™‚

      If you still have questions after reading, feel free to ask in the chapter.


  8. … How did he get the money to play the VR game? It said he was kicked out, and that he didn’t work at all, so it’s unlikely he had any savings, unless his parents didn’t revoke that. (there could be a loan, but problem there is he doesn’t work, so it’ll be a ‘black’ one.)

    Anyways, found this site from another one, but before I give it a go, I need more details, as it doesn’t sound like much, from the synopsis.


  9. hehe, zol.
    i must see your novel synopsis here first before reading.
    oh yeah, i promote your novel on some other chatango channels. so, maybe some other guys will come here to read.

    So, yeah… Good luck, zol!


  10. Kicked out… no college, job, income, shut in… ok… finds game and plays it….. but how afford to play? That is the most poignant question I feel I really need answered reading this synopsis


    • Surprisingly, so many people seem to ask this question.
      Don’t worry, its not a plot hole.

      I shouldn’t spoil too much, so I’ll just say he starts the game almost a year later than other people to afford to play the game.


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