Announcement: Not Ready Yet

Finished with Chapter 19, but not much work done on Chapter 20.

Since about two weeks ago, I’ve had quite a bit of change in my work environment and I’ve been too busy to write.

As of right now, there’s no ETA for when Chapter 20 can be finished.
I’ll have to wait for things to get stable before I can work on it more.

Sorry guys, I know this isn’t the announcement you wanted to hear, but I’m having a pretty rough time right now.
I’ll try to write whenever I can, but most of these nights… I’m tired out 😦


36 thoughts on “Announcement: Not Ready Yet

  1. Right, maybe not the announcment that i was expecting but yes an understandable one. even tought… (increasing expectation :v). Jokes aside, i hope you get it better, good luck with your job :p

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    • Yep still alive!

      Still have plans to continue with the novel, but haven’t found the time or condition to work on it.

      Busy with work most of the day, since I need to make more money this year, so I have much less free time to write.

      Also, not in the right condition to write. Found the occasional free time, but can’t focus on the story with mind wandering back to work-related tasks.

      As of now, all I’ve done for the novel since the start of the year is write out small snippets of scenes in future chapters, which will come to use when I reach those chapters.


      • Oooh thx for reply 🙂 ill add to favorites and read it someday if u finish it hehe, i dont like to wait too long for chaps and hope u can finish the novel someday :D, and good luck with your work (y)


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