People from the real world who play Fantasy Edge.
Known as Revivers to NPCs.

Natives of the Fantasy Edge game world.
Different from monsters.

6 thoughts on “Characters

  1. I feel that its very unrealistic for you to limit one uses per-name & that it makes the world seem small.


    • a game playble in any country that just translates the language and you can’t repeat names? considering how most names have meaning and you can’t repeat, then I think names for charactors would devolve into nonsense. Like zwersty or bigbob397, and while this does work I think it goes against what you said Kami wants.


      • Eventually, names will become longer and longer.
        Players might start picking names like, UltimatePaladinMike.
        But it’s also true that numbers would also eventually be added to a name kind of like how it is in real life, such as KingHenryVIII.

        But that’s just an excuse.
        In terms of a long-lasting game, it’s definitely better to have repeatable user names.
        But for the sake of a story, I needed to have unique names.
        Let’s just say that if Fantasy Edge was made into a real game, then names would definitely be repeatable.


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