New Release: Chapter 17

Sorry for the extremely late release and the lack of news for this month.

Nope, don’t listen to any comments… I don’t have any plans to stop writing this story.

But since this last part was delayed for so long, I offer you guys an explanation.

As all of you might know, I’ve been going job hunting. Sad news is, I haven’t found a job yet. Even sadder news is that my finances has dipped a bit too low.
Due to that, I had to slow down on the job hunt and accepted a new freelance project.

This is the reason why the release has been delayed. Although I had the final part written for over a month, I wasn’t able to finish editing it.
From the chapter title, you can see that Wu XingFu is going to play a very big part in the story, especially in the later plots. The chapter part that was supposed to be released earlier focuses on him and its quite important to the understanding the character. As such, I wanted to fix up the chapter before it was released.

However, the main problem was focus.
The freelance project I accepted was due in a few weeks so I had to focus a lot of my time on it. Due to that, every time I set aside time to work on the novel, I simply couldn’t concentrate on the editing.
My thoughts just kept wandering back to my code and I would go back to working on it.
Long story short, for the past few weeks, my mind was more focused on bug-fixing rather than editing.

Its not something I wanted to happen, but I couldn’t stop it.

Because of that, I’ve decided to take a break for 2-3 weeks.
Afterwards, releases should be back to a weekly schedule.

So, set your calendars, if the project doesn’t get delayed… then the next release will be on June 5th.

Hmm, sidenote… it turns out that this last part is an extremely long part. Over 9k words, which means… it could have been split into three parts.
So, if it’ll make you guys feel better… try to think of it as 3 weeks of releases condensed into one to be released at a later date…

Sorry again and see you guys in a few weeks.
I’ll still be around in the chat, comments, and you can always email me.

Due to the late release, I sincerely suggest that readers read from the full chapter instead of the last part.

Read Part 3
Read FULL Chapter


10 thoughts on “New Release: Chapter 17

  1. Tot be honest I almost lost hope and was surprised and than happy when I received a email about 10 minute ago. I am really glad to see you releasing the next chapter 🙂 I hope you will be able to work out your problems! And know that there are always people who want to help and support you. 🙂

    Cheers !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi there ^^ + nice chapter (many thanks for the treat xD)
    My supervisor kept throwing some (huge) tasks that must be done in the near future towards me, so I kind of have been busy myself. Still, can’t deny I was worried a little (tiny) bit when a week after another passed without reading even a random post (some EVIL devil kept whispering to me that u ditched us and just poof = disappeared :(( .. Happy that I can still read about Ace’s adventures)
    As always ur chapters are VERY LONG and thus, when they come, they certainly deliver and satisfy ^^.
    Great chapter, I mean any author worth his salt should kill a character from time to time and keep torturing those who survive :)). I appreciate the scene between the MC & the scholar, particularly when the MC spoke of how he was a complete trash in the past. Only someone who read a lot of wuxia & xian xian will know the importance of that. But, I guess Ace didn’t even think of that ( A warrior in a world of cruelty saying he was a trash !!! giving myself a palmface!!!)
    On another note, even though I like worldbuilding (I REALLY do !!), but I kind of think u overdid it a little bit this time. IMHO I advise you against leaving 95% of the story to describe ONE scene.. that affects the concentration of the reader & he will start thinking about skimming some parts (not that I did xD). It will be more enjoyable to switch between 3 to four character’s perspectives or perhaps speak of the small changes around the MC and the big changes on a regional/national/universal scale.
    I hope to read of how unique professions are not called unique for naught ^^. (I mean he is a ninja, he doesn’t need a hammer to solve every damn problem, just poison them dude or drug them to sleep and let the massacre begin :))


    • Yep, I’ve also saw someone comment in the chat asking was it true that I’ve dropped the novel.
      Wonder where that rumor came from…
      Well, good news is… I’ve never thought about dropping the novel. Never even considered it lol.

      Yep, this chapter’s biggest highlight for me was definitely the conversation between the scholar and MC.
      The self-reflection, slight world-building, and character building for both were so fun to write! Write… not to edit.
      Its also why I had previously told people that the release was delayed because I was having some trouble with the final part of the part… which was the conversation part.
      Definitely can’t show anyone the pre-edited version of it. That copy will never see the light of day.

      When you say world-building here… do you mean describing the details with a scene? Such as when I mentioned how the scholar’s home looked like?
      Personally, I have some mixed feelings here if its that.
      I’ve received a few complaints in earlier chapters telling me that I focused too much on the character’s actions and barely talked about the scene itself.
      So they had trouble visualizing what was actually happening.
      After I read those messages, I took a look at my earlier chapters and realized that they were right. I barely described any of the actual details.
      So since then, I’ve been working in some more visualization so readers can understand the scene clearer.
      Though, since this is only chapter 17… I have to admit that I haven’t found that balance between too much and too little yet.


      • Overall, the writing is really smooth and it is easy to find urself engrossed and absorbed by the story. The description of the scene details made the experience even smoother and I think u pulled it off quite well concerning this point. However, I can’t help feeling that the discussion between the MC & the scholar felt a little bit dragged at some point +_+. Perhaps it is just me nitpicking, but I think u concentrated a little too much on Xingfu. Let’s say their scene amounts to 6000 words, it would have been better if u substracted 1000 words to show us the progress of another character or to speak about the current affairs of the world (the different factions, the politics, results of some war / rebellion somewhere else), especially seeing how a LOT of time passed since we heard about True Ace / the oracles / etc.
        u could even relate some big (or even random or silly) news through some random bandits .. I think this is important particularly in a wuxia world !!
        1. the fights are awesome -check-
        2. the worldbuilding is satisfying – check-
        3. the characters are 3D (u ll attribute some kind of emotion to almost every character, even the random ones live some small trace in one’ss mind) -check-
        4. the humour / drama scenes are great -check-
        5. u break out of the box, by mixing a Chinese theme to a Virtual life game
        6. etc
        However, u have a habit of focusing too much on a scene.
        At first, it was the right thing to do, u needed to emphasise how much the MC is a trash and how much he needs to change (detailing all of his deficiencies took some time and effort to do xD). However, now the MC’s personality really started changing (he grew big enough to start criticising others lol) so we need to focus a little less on him and his immediate interaction and rather speak of the events happening around him / of his rank compared to other players / of some opportunities of fame that escaped him due to some random reason / etc.
        Well, those are my two cents + I hope u ll find the job of ur dreams soon enough ^^


  3. Wow, you actually released the chapter more than a week ago and i didn’t realize… XD. i can just suscribe to receive the email but i’m too damn lazy to do it and even more lazy to open the mail and check if there’s something new… guess i will stick to the old school method :p, now to read the looong chapter and see how it is.


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